What is the value of a masters degree in nursing?

What is the value of a masters degree in nursing?.

The healthcare industry continues to be challenged by healthcare reforms, changes in society, demographic population and healthcare system delivery. It is important for nurses to function as an expert in the practice setting to improve nursing practice that would result in better health outcomes. Specialized knowledge and skills as of a masters-prepared nurse would enable nurses to practice at a higher level? What is the value of a master’s degree in nursing?

According to the American Association of College of Nursing (2011), graduates with a master’s degree in nursing are better prepared for a variety of roles and areas of practice. Graduates with a master’s degree in nursing education may pursue new ideas and innovative roles that can lead to initiate new health care reform resulting in a global healthcare system evolution. The masters-prepared nurses may feel more confident and become more autonomous in making useful decisions while caring for their clients.

There are different programs that nurses can choose from in preparation for advanced practice in nursing. It ranges from education, research, administration, practice, etc. In education, the masters-prepared nurse will acquire a greater body of knowledge in pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, disease process, case studies etc. and will share best knowledge and experiences with future nurses to assure continuity of better healthcare delivery. The masters-prepared research nurse will use the acquired knowledge in conducting evidence-based projects to identify barriers mistakes that may lead to new innovations and ideas to enhance nursing practice. The nurse practitioner role is to provide client-centered focus care, engage in health care promotion, can diagnose and prescribe. Care provided is cost effective and reimbursable which makes primary care more accessible to the population.

Masters level nursing education makes a difference in healthcare delivery regardless of area of expertise. The result from a recent study conducted shows that many participants have agreed that having a master’s degrees enhances nurses independence and confidence in the workplace. One participant noted that difference saying that, although they would have learned about health care systems. without a master’s degree, it would be more difficult to process workplace issues and problems in ways that were more organized and proficient. (Journal of Professional Nursing, 2018). Masters’-prepared nurses is important and may be considered as an asset to any organization.


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What is the value of a masters degree in nursing?

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