The vision for the future of nursing

NURSING LEADERSHIP The Leader Influencing Change Presentation Rubric “To be influential, nurses must see themselves as professionals with the capacity and responsibility to influence current and future healthcare delivery systems.” The vision for the future of nursing in The Future of Nursing report (IOM, 2011) focuses on the convergence of knowledge, quality, and new functions in nursing. The recommendation that nurses lead interprofessional teams in improving delivery systems and care, brings to the fore the necessity for new competencies, beyond evidence-based practice that are requisite as nurses transform health care. The objective of this assignment is to discuss how the nurse can influence practice/policy change in order to address a clinical problem. la profesora desea que se hable de este tema Possible Points Earned Points Content Introduction to the problem. Why is it a problem? 15 Discuss a proposed change/solution to the problem. 15 Discuss nursing leadership strategies required to influence the proposed change/solution. 15 Additional recommendations/considerations to address the problem. Are there professional organizations addressing the problem? 10 Conclusion/Summary 5 APA references: minimum of 3 scholarly/peer-reviewed articles must be used. 10 PowerPoint Presentation Appearance, headings, graphics, text, grammar, oral and written language. All group members must present. 30 Total Points 100 la profesora desea que el tema sea abordado segun esta rubrica luego de entregar el ensayo se hara una presentacion en pretzy, suay o pp segun ella decida.