The nursing terminologies or classifications

The nursing terminologies or classifications.

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate one of the nursing terminologies or classifications according to the criteria Cimino’s classic seminal work on Desiderata for vocabularies [PDF file size 17 KB].
Notes for J. Cimino’s Desiderata [PDF file size 4 MB].
1.Please click here for the M7A1 instructions to compose paper and the rubric [PDF file size 250 KB]..
2.Use this interactive APA Checklist [PDF file size 1.74 MB] from the OWL to enhance your knowledge of APA formatting guidelines and self-assessment skills. The checklist is interactive and will show you examples of each component of APA with a sample paper. You can check off each item in the list and save the file or just use the checklist as a reminder for yourself. This checklist will help you ensure that your paper meets the APA requirements..


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The nursing terminologies or classifications

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