Tenet Healthcare or Community Healthcare or Universal Healthcare system Financial Ratio

Tenet Healthcare or Community Healthcare or Universal Healthcare system Financial Ratio.

Tenet Healthcare or Community Healthcare or Universal Healthcare system Financial Ratio
Research Paper – Ratios/HR Strategy

Please this is a Research Paper that must be clear and concise:

The following elements should be included in your paper:
1. Research your company’s financials using the key ratios on pages 82 and 83 in Principles of Managerial Finance, Brief, as a directional guide.
2. Use the last two years of actual results and the company generated forecast for the coming year. If the forecast is not available for your use, use the last three years of actual data.
3. Analyze a for-profit company if it is publicly traded and headquartered in the United States. If your company is not publicly traded, the professor may approve the analysis of your company or help you obtain a substitute. If you are in the military, are unemployed, or work for a nonprofit or educational institution, you will need to select a substitute for-profit company. Please choose ONE from out of the 3:

• Tenet Healthcare
• Community Healthcare
• Universal Healthcare system

4. Navigate to http://financials.morningstar.com/ to obtain financials and ratio analysis for your selected company. Once on the page, enter the stock symbol to retrieve the income statement. Click on the balance sheet tab for a full view of the company including the “Key Ratios” tab. Retrieve ratios for your assigned company and competitors from the portal.
5. Select those ratios that you feel are most important to tell the story of how your company has performed and will perform in the coming year. Concentrate on the trends in the ratios.
6. Using the format displayed on page 82 and 83 as a directional guide, write a section for your company for each of the five ratio categories:
• Liquidity
• Activity
• Debt
• Profitability
• Market
7. In the body of the text for each category use the ratios that you selected for that category to tell your story.
• You may use tables and charts where appropriate
• Define each term, category name, ratio, or acronym before you use it
• You may uncover trends. For example, the current ratio has increased after the 2008 credit crunch
• You may uncover changes which were caused by strategic management decisions in earlier periods
• Ensure that you make comparisons across the various years of data and comparisons to competitors/industry peers
8. Complete a full SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for your assigned company. Navigate to https://www.businessballs.com/strategy-innovation/swot-analysis-19/ to obtain the free SWOT template under “Files” and for further education on SWOT analysis practices. Be sure to include considerations for the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the HR function, its plans and strategy to support the organization.
9. Complete two concluding paper sections: Human Capital Strategy Analysis and Proposal-Based on the research and analysis of your organization and its competitors what are you able to determine about the present and evolving human resources strategy, business strategy, and financial strategy of the organization? Given the direction of your company what questions should the HR function be asking? What HR Strategy recommendations, proposals, or projects should HR leaders must consider to maintain the competitive advantage of the company?
Overall Paper Conclusions: from your analysis what do you conclude about the company’s past performance, positioning amongst its competitors, and future prospects for growth and performance?
10. Six-page (six full written pages not inclusive of cover page, abstract, appendix or APA citations list).
11. Include a cover page, the ratio data and cross-sectional analysis, abstract, and a source list.
12. APA format required with sources and citations (5-7 cites required). Textbook citation does not count.
13. Submit your assignment to the assignment drop box. Note: When you submit your assignment to the drop box, it will automatically be submitted to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism.

Tenet Healthcare or Community Healthcare or Universal Healthcare system Financial Ratio

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