Statement to study Nursing in UK

Statement to study Nursing in UK.

Personal Statement to study Nursing in UK

Nursing is a profession, a long life experience and a vocation I would really love to be part of. My long term goal is to become a fully qualified and registered nurse with a master degree from the UK, build on the previous training nurses’ foundation as we as my current nursing health care skills. I believe it is very vital to have a realistic and firm understanding of what it is to be a nurse before going through the trainings. I have confidence in my current and past experiences in the nursing field and I believe I will make a difference in the nursing profession.

Previous experiences from the mental health nursing department have made me confident in the fact that I am more than ready to commit to the nursing profession, go through academic challenges and come out more reliable, trustworthy and motivated to push through to my ambition. I appreciate the rigours academic demands that come with studying nursing and the curriculums tough nature but I believe my previous ability to study coupled with my enthusiasm speaks for itself.

The patience, compassion, intelligence and selflessness of nurses whom I have interacted with have motivated and inspired me to drive on towards my ambition. Drawing from my nursing observations and personal knowledge, I have confidence that the skills and qualities I have acquired so far such as the innate ability to care for people and the desire to help will make me stand out from the crowd. Brilliant communication skills are a requirement plus the ability to work independently but are a team. Nursing is not just a profession but an art that successfully combines the skills acquired from education, scientific knowledge, training and the privilege to be available to people who are in need.

I would like to become a full time nurse since I find my current job at the mental health department satisfying and rewarding although I believe I am capable of great things and I have more to offer and this will be evident as I acquire my nursing degree from the UK.

The emotional ups and downs, the shift work and the late finishing times do not put me off because I feel I have more on the inside that the people outside need to tap from. Many people make positive comments of my disposition and friendly manner which has encouraged me to apply to an institution that is more friendly and diverse. As the head nurse at Al –Amal complex for mental health, I have proven to be flexible, reliable and have a strong thirst for knowledge especially for nursing in general.

As the head nurse, my duties revolve around working with a range of medical professionals with an aim of providing quality patient care even under pressure. As the head nurse, I am responsible for training and hiring staff members who are certified from trusted nursing boards. I am also in charge of managing, supervising all the work and services provided by the nursing staff as well as conduct monthly staff meetings. I love learning new skills, developing old skills and recently I have ranked the best at my organization for having the best support network with an ability to commit wholly. My rationale behind choosing to study in the UK comes with the awareness that gaining a successful place in this world comes with a sacrifice of associating with success. UK is my choice for success especially taking up a course that I am passionate about. Should I be accepted, I am very ready to further my experience and train as a nurse as uphold the professional standards of nursing.

Statement to study Nursing in UK

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