services on healthy women who are in need of professional advice

services on healthy women who are in need of professional advice.

Service industry group is ranked among the fastest growing industries. This is especially when looked at from the lens of the world’s economy. As time goes by, demand for health care services including home based health care services have been witnessed to be on the rise. In particular, demand for home health care services has largely been associated with factors such as ageing populations. There has also been an absolute need of containing heath care costs and the most appropriate way of achieving this has been moving patients out of health care facilities in the shortest time possible. The most oblivious implication owing this particular revelation in as far as nursing is concerned has been the need to better the type of services remitted. Furthering education has been one of the most appropriate ways of yielding fruitful prospects in the field of nursing. Improved knowledge and skills in nursing has implied diversified careers, higher salaries and wages notwithstanding improved service delivery.


Nursing and midwifery are closely related professions in that the two revolve around giving care and companion to people. However, midwifery differs slightly from nursing owing the fact that it concentrates its services on healthy women who are in need of professional advice and support. The advice and support offered by midwives is meant to assist pregnant women during their entire period of pregnancy. Midwifery stands out as a career on its own. Working as a midwife requires one to be registered under the umbrella of Nursing and Midwifery Council, commonly abbreviated as (NMC). A degree in nursing is required in order for one to be enrolled with NMC. Years back, diploma courses were applicable in the same filed, but due to the ever increasing demand in quality service delivery, they are no longer applicable. As we talk, entry requirements in pursuing midwifery have relatively risen whereby a degree is a mandatory. However, this does not necessarily barricade individuals with low grades, yet passionate about this profession, a chance to pursue their dream careers. This is because it is possible for them to maneuver their way right from health care assistants, apply for relevant degree course and thus become qualified midwifes. Registered nurses have a chance of enrolling for a 12-18 month course, thereby emerging as qualified midwives.

Midwifes have a broad array of chores to attend to. These chores are not only demanding but also consistent, since they go beyond the mere period of pregnancy so as to incorporate postnatal services. A midwife is associated with tasks that are relatively delicate especially owing the fact that he/she is the ultimate professional contact for women in helping them to make conversant decisions and also available services and options that are accessible during pregnancy. As a midwife, you can either work as part and parcel of multidisciplinary healthcare teams which embodies hospital doctors, support staff, neonatal nurses, other midwives or alone. A qualified midwife is expected to remit expert services whilst leading other healthcare professionals in carrying out normal childbirth practices. It is quite imperative to note that roles of midwifes are broad as they incorporate full package of antenatal care services. These services include identification of pregnancies that are highly risky, performing clinical examinations and screening, monitoring women whilst offering support during labour. Teaching is also a fundamental responsibility for midwifes and necessary particularly for new mothers. Midwifes ought to offer regular training services on new mothers

services on healthy women who are in need of professional advice

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