Recognize appropriate sources of evidence for nursing practice.

Recognize appropriate sources of evidence for nursing practice..

Competency 724.8.3: Research Integration – The graduate recognizes the significance of applying research in evidence-based practice, recognizes sources of evidence, and applies ethical principles to

evidence-based practice research.

724.8.3-01: Recognize appropriate sources of evidence for nursing practice.
724.8.3-02: Describe ethical principles applicable to a given research task in evidence-based practice.
724.8.3-03: Classify specified clinical knowledge elements as primary research evidence, evidence summary, or evidence-based guideline.
724.8.3-04: Apply specified evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to determine appropriate care in a given situation.
724.8.3-05: Apply specified research findings to improve nursing practice in a given situation.
Recent clinical guidelines suggest that watchful waiting is better than immediately beginning treatment with antibiotics when a child presents with otitis media. A group of nurses in the outpatient clinic decide to

use evidence-based research for this practice to help them understand whether this is the appropriate care for the children they see. If they find it is grounded in the research, they will suggest a change in the

clinical policy guidelines. They are aware that this policy may be a concern for parents who are used to getting antibiotics immediately when they bring their children to the clinics.
The nurses brought the following sources of evidence to their first meeting: Note on retrieving articles for this assessment:
??AAP/AAFP (2004) is retrieved from the web address provided within the citation below.
??Block (1997), Kelly et al., (in Hay 2007), and McCracken (1998) are all loaded in the undergraduate Nursing EReserves of the WGU library ready for you to download.
???Interviews? are fictitious evidence that can represent evidence brought by a nurse in any format that you want to apply for this assignment, such as anecdotal evidence/clinical experiences shared by the

Recognize appropriate sources of evidence for nursing practice.

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