Nursing study that examines the effects of an intervention.

Nursing study that examines the effects of an intervention..

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1. Locate a nursing study that examines the effects of an intervention. Provide a summary of the study, focusing primarily on the intervention. Was the development and implementation of the intervention described in detail? Based on a theoretical framework? Did the design of the study promote investigation of the effects of the study—for example, was there comparison of experimental and control groups? Were there variables that could have impacted the findings that were not part of the intervention? Was there evidence of efforts to monitor the safety of participants? Are there any ways that the study could have been improved?

2. Locate a nursing study that uses some aspect of the Internet (for instance, for recruitment, delivery of an intervention, or completing online assessments. What challenges did the researchers face, and how were these challenges overcome (or not)? How could future research efforts be improved?

3. Locate a study that is a secondary analysis. Why was this study conducted as a secondary analysis rather than a primary analysis? What were the sources of the data? How did this study contribute to nursing science?

Nursing study that examines the effects of an intervention.

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