Issues that impact advanced practice nursing

Explore healthcare policy issues that impact advanced practice nursing, identify current issues that affect the workplace and workforce for advanced practice nursing, identify current legislative initiatives that impact the nursing profession and healthcare in general, and research and participate in a health-related legislative initiative with the student’s legislators (Unit II objectives).
The Talking Points/Letter is an assignment that has two parts – the development of a “talking points” document and a letter to your Legislator. Be sure to review the guidelines for the Talking Points and Legislative Letter before you begin.Be sure to note that if you are writing your Senator or Representative in Washington, DC, you must address a bill for the 113th Congress and not the 112th or earlier sessions. If you decide to write your Legislator that represents you in your State Capital, be sure you choose a bill currently being discussed in your State Legislature. If your State Legislature is not in session, you will need to select a federal bill.Also, be sure to remember that you cannot ask your Federal Legislators – Senator and/or Representative in the House of Representatives – to vote on a bill that your State Legislators vote for in your State Capitol. Your State Legislators cannot vote on a bill that is under consideration in Washington, DC.