Introduction about importance of healthcare reform.

Introduction about importance of healthcare reform..

Write a paper on what you think should be included in a future reform of the health care system.

Introduction about importance of healthcare reform.

State your choice of idea on what could be a great addition for the health care system future reform. Focus on financial operating changes that would improve efficiency.

Provide an explanation why healthcare needs to improved transparency to the public.


** Include five research/references to support your position

Title concise and descriptive
Abstruct no more than 400 words. research question, the rationale for the study, the hypothesis (if any), the method and the main findings. A brief summary of this research.
Introduction(should provide the background or the skeleton of the paper. You are establishing your basic framework for research. You should probably have a few subsections in the introduction.)
Statement of the Problem
You will fully describe the problem as it related to your topic of research.
It will answer the question “Why does this research need to be done?”
Purpose of the Study(Please focus on the gap and write it clearly)
You will need to provide a well rounded, intelligent and substantial statement on why the research that you are doing needs to be done.
It will disclose the hypothesis that needs to be tested and any questions surrounding it.
It will normally begin with the statement “The purpose of this academic research study is…”
It will provide a detailed discussion of whether you will be doing quantitative or qualitative research and the instruments of research (survey, interview, questionnaire, etc.) to be used.
Literature Review (Please cite the latest 5 years publications )
please cite more literature about the related research and what they had done, what problem they have not solved yet. Why we should do this research , that is mean the research gap should be added in this part. You can also introduce some terminology and so on.

Research Questions or Hypotheses
You will disclose your hypothesis here.
You will further disclose any research questions that surround your hypothesis.
You will address the possible testable theories that will bolster your hypothesis.
Research Design and Methods (Data collection and analysis methods): Should be stated clearly and detailed!!!!
have some idea about what kind of data you will be collecting,what statistical procedures will be used in order to answer your research question or test you hypothesis.

Research Limitations
This section will discuss any limitations and weaknesses of the proposed research, which may be justified by time and financial constraints as well as by the early developmental stage of your research area.

Study period – Timetable/Plan for completion of the project(4 years )
References/ Bibliography(Please cite latest 5 years publications, including as more latest papers published by my professor as possible)

Introduction about importance of healthcare reform.

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