Inevitable in the healthcare world.

Inevitable in the healthcare world..

Working as part of a group is inevitable in the healthcare world. Nursing requires teamwork which is working as part of a group. Many different roles and personalities are necessary for a group to be effective and successful.

1. Write a description of a group with which you have been or are currently involved e.g infection control group or Fall preventing group.

2. Assess where the group is in terms of the four stages of group formation.
Stage i The first stage is known at forming and refers to the process of meeting the other group members
Stageii The next stage is storming.
Stageiii The next stage of group formation is norming
Stageiv Lastly, is the stage of performing

3. Describe the task or group-building role you typically play, or played, in this group
4. Explain what strategies you, as a leader, can apply to better facilitate the group process.
5. Address any problematic individual roles in the group.

Inevitable in the healthcare world.

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