How has health care policy impacted your current nursing job role?

Healthcare Policy
Locate a news article or story related to a current event in healthcare policy. Some examples may be, but are not limited to healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act, prescription drugs, healthcare costs, insurance coverage, healthcare fraud, transparency, or underinsured populations.
• Provide a brief overview of the article, and include the URL link.
• As a healthcare professional, has this raised any ethical questions or concerns for you?
• How can a community health nurse (CHN) be involved as a change agent for related healthcare policies?

• Evaluate the impact of the Affordable Care Act on access to and delivery of care in communities across the U.S.
• Assess the impact of health legislation such as the Affordable Care Act on health and welfare practices.
• Use ethical principles to advocate for diverse groups in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs that affect the health of a community.
• Propose a collaborative intervention using community partnerships aimed at promoting health at the community level.
The focus this week is on health care policy and current events that are occurring with healthcare policy. News articles may be searched online or in newspapers or magazines. What topics of health care policy are you most interested in? What can you, as a healthcare practitioner, do about the concerns? How has health care policy impacted your current nursing job role? The ANA is a good website to review regarding health care policy and its impact on professional nursing practice.