How does implementing hourly nursing rounding

How does implementing hourly nursing rounding.

Arrange for a professional appointment with health care leaders to discuss evidence based practice in their health care system. The focus of the assignment is to gain insight on how EBP is introduced and implemented into a health care system.

Develop inquiry questions to assist with gaining information on how EBP is implemented in their facility. Incorporate individual PICOT question as one of the talking points.

P – On a medical-surgical hospital unit

I – H ow does implementing hourly nursing rounding

C – Compared to no scheduled rounding

O – Affect patient safety

T – During their stay at the hospital

What information would you want to gain to enhance your nursing practice. Along with the questions on the guideline tool, consider asking questions such as; how does one submit a concern? Is there a specific policy followed? A specific form to fill out? One could ask how can a new graduate become involved with EBP discussions. There are a variety of questions to ask but one first has to reflect on what one already knows.

Review and analyze notes taken at the meeting and include the information in the paper.

Submit a paper analyzing how EBP was implemented, include specific inquiry questions. Complete the abbreviated Rapidly Critically appraised Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline Tool (RCRCPG), and the reference form also.

Use scholarly resources as well as meeting with a healthcare leader

How does implementing hourly nursing rounding

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