history formation of nursing to now

history formation of nursing to now.



Due November 16th

50 points

Criteria to cover in this paper will include:

How has your vision of nursing changed in this semester? Some things you can discuss are: (these are just to help you think and get started), history formation of nursing to now, leaning of new skills and methods of thinking, new language of the nursing process etc. Personalize this section and also reference nursing theory. 15 points

What has been a personal change you have seen in yourself this semester? Would you consider it a good change or not? If you have seen growth, describe it and discuss the impact this will have for you next semester. Support your discussion with scholarly research here also. This is a good section to discuss how you think about critical thinking in nursing education and in your decision process. This is a good place to use your critical thinking text. 15 points

Lastly please summarize your plan for success in your next semester. What are your plans and goals, who is involved in your goals etc. Be specific and clear in your discussion here. 15 points

APA format correct also for 5 points, you will get a 0 on the entire paper with no rewriting if APA is not well attempted and evident to the reader.

history formation of nursing to now