Health illness and diseases groups in society

Health illness and diseases groups in society.

Health and Social Inclusion – Please read those instructions carefully before building the essay. Please focus in Wales – England

• Comment on the findings that most social studies of lay beliefs agree that Public conceptions of health and illness vary according to the immediate material and social circumstances in which people find themselves. (How Health is affected by social states. How people at different social levels are more affected by poor health than others? How the government In Wales and England try and deal with that? What they do to try and make people healthier? For example, strategy to ban smoke in public places.
• Look at the at the rules by which different social groups order their lives and make sense of their experiences of Health. (Explain how people view health and how certain groups within society view health. What health is and what does health means. Health illness and diseases groups in society and how they are affected by sudden diseases. Look at the difference between social groups the greater the difference in health outcomes. For example, poor people cannot have healthy choices – higher income and social status are linked to better health. … The worst country for wages differences example America, Singapore, UK are not very good on wages, the lowest Japan, Scandinavia. Give a graph and explain it. How long the people live – the Japanese are living longer than America for example –
The lower the differential the longer you live. For example, Scandinavia the more you earn the more you pay tax that wealth is distributed more evenly. In those countries you have fewer teenager pregnancies, Obesity is lower.
• Look at the circumstances which affect the health of individuals or groups
• How does this affect health presentation strategies? What are they? Are strategies working?
What are the inequalities in Health and how they show themselves – what is the main problem cause of health problem.
• Explain and consider why ‘normal’ health varies between groups?
• Look at recent policies which consider behaviour and health maintenance – what policies are in place in Wales to address the problem of poor health and health lifestyle.
Read the Rowntree poverty in wales 2018- statistics (different levels in society. Wales – you can compare with England.
Concepts of Health and illness: cardio disease, Obesity in wales – the low social skills the great is obesity for example.

Please read the attached documents

• Rowntree Poverty in Wales 2018- statistics
• Concepts of Health and illness
• Determinants of health – what’s good what’s bad
• Equality and welfare
• The marmot report
• What does health mean

Health illness and diseases groups in society

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