Explain and apply knowledge of the Mental Health Act

Explain and apply knowledge of the Mental Health Act.


1. Apply principles of cultural safety and reflect on self to articulate the role of self in person-centred mental health care and therapeutic use of self.

2. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the challenges and factors that can compromise mental health for ourselves and others in order to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

3. Conduct a biopsychosocial and mental status assessment to create a clinical formulation, informed by the recovery model, to enhance the provision of consumer focused care.

4. Describe key mental health issues and work with consumers and carers to address needs and promote recovery across the care continuum applying the Recovery Model.

5. Explain and apply knowledge of the Mental Health Act and mental health standards for practice

Length: 1,800 words

Estimated time to complete task: 30 hours

Weighting: 40%

Task description:

Aim The aim of this assignment is to help you to begin to use your professional and clinical judgement and to think like nurses working in mental health settings and/or in relation to the mental health needs of people regardless of the setting. In order to achieve this aim, everyone will be assigned a case scenario involving a person who is experiencing difficulties relating to one of the various disorders commonly encountered in clinical practice.


This is an individual assignment of 1,800 words in two parts, each with several steps. Follow the steps for each part carefully. Your assignment will demonstrate a sound grasp of the following as they relate to the person in your case scenario and include:

 a Mental Status Examination(MSE)

 a clinical formulation including biopsychosocial history and your own MSE observations leading to the clinical formulation

 a nursing orientated handover

 use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to identity and prioritise the person’s needs

 recognising and responding to the mental health needs of the identified person by identifying best practice nursing interventions

 how to engage a person in a therapeutic relationship

 the application of cultural safety

 the application of the recovery model/philosophy

NSB204 Mental Health:

Self and others Bachelor of Nursing You will need to justify your ideas with reference to relevant literature. Students who plan to do well in this assignment, will read and use the unit’s required readings as well as additional items drawn from respected academic sources. What you need to do: Please follow the steps outlined below to answer this assignment question.

PART 1 Holistic assessment and planning: (1000 words +/- 10%)

Explain and apply knowledge of the Mental Health Act