Ethical Views in Nursing

Ethical Views in Nursing.

ortfolio – Ethical Views in Nursing

Development Of My Ideas During The Course Towards The Patients, Families Of The Patients, Society And The Profession

The nurses are often faced with a moral dilemma in their daily practice as nurses. Surprisingly these dilemmas are yet to be solved by the teachings offered to student nurses as they are left to learn on how top solve them by themselves (Thompson, 2006). Nursing as a profession and those who practice the profession are under the obligation of laws and guidelines that define this career. The legal duties and the ethical part of the rules have clearly stipulated laws that a nurse is supposed to follow during the nursing practice. The major three responsibility of a nurse is to respect the confidentiality of the patient, the patient’s anatomy and must know the duties possessed to the patient and the care to be accorded to the patients at all times. All these are professional responsibilities the nurses owe to their patients and if broken, there are legal actions to be taken.


Ethical Views in Nursing

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