Dissertation VS Thesis: Thesis and dissertation writing

One of the most challenging parts of master’s and doctoral programs is writing a thesis and/or a dissertation. Thesis and dissertation writing is a serious, lengthy, and time-consuming affair that causes students a lot of anxiety. It is a commonality that the words thesis and dissertation are used interchangeably. However, these two are different. Students must understand what each of them means and what to expect. We are going to delve into the two and highlight their differences as well as their similarities.

Dissertation: A dissertation refers to a long piece of writing, including your original work or expanded research on an existing or new topic. Dissertations are for students who are pursuing their doctoral programs to earn PhDs.

Thesis: A thesis is a scholarly piece of writing thatexpands on existing research. A thesis is done by master’s students. 

Differences between a thesis and a dissertation

The common factor in these differences is in location – the UK/Europe and the USA. This means that depending on where you are, the terms dissertations and thesis have different meanings. Here are the significant differences:

  1. In the UK, a thesis comprises original work, while a dissertation consists of extensive and in-depth reviews of existing research. In the USA, however, a thesis is based on already existing research, while a dissertation will require the student to go and do their own research and analysis.
  2. A dissertation is for Ph.D. students pursuing their doctoral programs, while a thesis is for master’s students. This is particularly true for students in the USA. However, in the United Kingdom, these definitions are reversed, with a thesis being for Ph.D. students and a dissertation being for master’s students.
  3. Dissertations refer to scholarly bodies of work for masters and undergraduate students (at the end of their program) for academic institutions whose academic system is based on the British education system. For these institutions, a thesis is purely for Ph.D. programs. For institutions based on the American education system, it is vice versa, with thesis being for master’s students and dissertations being for doctoral students.
  4. The terms dissertation and thesis are used selectively sometimes, depending on the subject one is doing and the university’s department’s guidelines. You will find that each department has its own guidelines on dissertation writing and thesis writing. You will also find that some academic areas will use the two terms differently.
  5. While both theses and dissertations are long pieces of writing, they differ in their length. In the UK and Europe, a dissertation is longer than a thesis.

Dissertation and thesis similarities

  1. Both are final projects before graduation.
  2. They both require an adequate understanding of the research process. This is because research is the backbone of these two documents.
  3. They both require a lot of work and time. Dissertations and thesis need to be taken seriously, with students setting aside ample time to work on them.
  4. Even though they differ in length, both are long pieces of academic writing.
  5. With the conclusion of these two, students are expected to present them in front of a panel.
  6. Dissertations and thesis both have similar formats and structures.
  7. For both, they cannot be plagiarized. This means that the students should not copy other people’s work and present it as their own. Plagiarism is a severe offense that can have devastating consequences, including suspension or dismissal from your academic program. Instead of risking plagiarism, we advise that you contact our academic writing company for authentic, quality, and professional dissertations.

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