Discuss How Caring Has Changed in Nursing Practice of the 21st Century

Discuss How Caring Has Changed in Nursing Practice of the 21st Century.

Discuss How Caring Has Changed in Nursing Practice of the 21st Century

In any given society, the maintenance of the nation’s health is a primary, and most concerning, issue. A healthy society is happy, motivated, and productive. Quick access to qualitative healthcare service improves the quality of life of each particular member of the society and contributes to the well being of the world’s population, and consequently, to world progress. The connection between health and prosperity is apparent and undeniable. Therefore, for the USA and for the entire civilized world, an effective healthcare system has become the object of national pride because in the 21st century, together with qualitative changes in living conditions of the world as a whole, the quality of life and health has acquired special significance.

Technological progress has become a miracle of the 21st century. It brought changes incomprehensible to previous generations. It led the society to an entirely new level of relationships and interactions. Each particular sphere of life has been affected by technologies. Healthcare is not an exception. Not only have new devices and new opportunities for treatment appeared in medicine, but the service and the relationships between healthcare providers and patients have also undergone significant changes. Currently, a new consciousness should be developed: “We must shift from a care system that focuses on illness to one that prioritizes wellness and prevention” (Salmond and Echevarria). Nursing has always been associated with generosity and kindness. To quite a large degree, it is a justified association because, since ancient times, nurses have been in a category of the population who have contributed their energy and efforts to improve the well-being of those who are in need. After nursing became a valuable and respectful profession, the relationships between nurses and the patient have been changing occasionally. A distinguishing feature of a modern approach to nursing is that it has shifted from being on duty to being a friend with the patient. Currently, patients have much more freedom in making decisions about the strategies for their treatment. Patients today are not passive victims of the illness, but are active participators in the process of their treatment.

With the development of a new common consciousness of leadership and its implementation in each particular sphere of life both on the professional and individual level, nursing practice has been affected by this new ideology as well. Previously, nurses have been entirely dependent on the decisions of the doctors and were passive suppliers of basic services to maintain the patient’s health and foster their quick recovery. Today, a nurse is an independent and self-sufficient participator of healthcare practice. Many of the decisions made in relation to treatment strategies of each particular patient proceed from the self-initiative of the nurses. “Self-initiatives are efforts directed toward increasing management capability and decision-making at the state and local levels” (Guevara and Mendias). The level of education and preparation to nursing practice as well as more fluent policies on nursing activities led the profession of the nurse to an entirely new level. Currently, nurses are much more motivated because they take responsibility, and it gives them a sense of significance. There does not exist a more rewarding experience than having the realization that one’s personal decisions, knowledge, and actions have contributed to the well being of another human being.

In conclusion, it makes sense to claim that the peculiarities of time require quick adaptation strategies from healthcare providers. Nurses have existed in a category affected by the need to adapt the most. Today, to be a nurse is not just to be a servant. It is a self-sufficient profession surrounded by the energy of generosity, education, and courage.

Discuss How Caring Has Changed in Nursing Practice of the 21st Century

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