Discuss healthcare technology and its implications for the professional nurse.


Quality in Patient Outcomes
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Informatics systems should be designed and implemented to support quality, safety, and improved outcomes in our environments. Technology should help us to answer clinical questions and make appropriate decisions in our settings. From your own practice, choose one component of informatics that has impacted patient outcomes or improved quality/safety in your work environment. If you have not yet practiced as an RN, choose a topic from the literature to discuss.


Select a topic for discussion
Include the focus area (safety, quality, outcomes) in the title of your initial post
Identify how the use of informatics impacted your issue
Support your topic with at least two scholarly resources from the nursing or healthcare literature (journals).
Respond to peers from all three of the focus areas (safety, quality, outcomes)
Follow all criteria of the Discussion Board Rubric.
This activity will be graded using the discussion rubric.

This activity is tied to:

Course Objective 2: Discuss healthcare technology and its implications for the professional nurse.
Course Objective 3: Explore the use of informatics applications in clinical nursing practice, administration, research, and education.
Course Objective 4: Evaluate professional nursing responsibilities for the ethical use of healthcare informatics technology and for ethical decision making to manage ethical dilemmas in nursing informatics.