Describe the nursing knowledge

Describe the nursing knowledge.

Good afternoon,
I came across your website while researching goal statements. I wanted to see if you could assist me with writing one as I apply for PMHNP masters program.

I have attached some I information about myself.

Statement of Professional Objectives/Goal Statement – Write a statement that is 500-700 words (2 pages) in length. In your goal statement, you must do the following:
· Describe your reasons for pursuing a MSN degree and your chosen concentration (FNP or PMHNP).
· Describe the nursing knowledge, skill, and professional experiences that have prepared you to continue your education and pursue a MSN degree in your chosen concentration (FNP or PMHNP).
· Describe your understanding of the role of the MSN-prepared nurse in the specific concentration you have chosen (FNP or PMHNP).
· Describe the specific professional and personal life modifications you have made or will make to successfully meet the weekly class and clinical requirements in an online program.

—-below is my cover letter highlighting some of my achievements

I am Board Certified, BSN prepared nurse specializing in the care of those with psychiatric and mental health illnesses. I have experience serving those with within the community in various therapeutic settings. I hold several licenses and multiple certifications which display my dedication to the field of Mental Health Nursing. Accompanying my credentials are years of experience working with a diverse population in multiple acute care settings. I offer considerable expertise in delivering both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care across the age spectrum.
My professional development includes crises management, steering regulatory compliance, case management, utilization review, quality assurance, leadership and mentoring. As an ANCC Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Registered Nurse, my mission is to improve the health and well- being of those we serve with a commitment to excellence in my everyday practice. I accomplish this by offering dependable, quality driven leadership while setting high standards and expectation in my work environment. My vision for the health and well-being of those we serve is driven by the belief that through collaboration and teamwork we can provide exceptional patient centered care that exceeds regulatory expectations. I have had the opportunity to educate, train and mentor health care teams which has productively delivered highly efficient, ethical and safety-driven patient care in a convenient and cost effective manner.
As a proactive contributor of any organization you will find me to be a dedicated leader committed to the vision and values that will successfully drive the future of our healthcare system. My experience makes me a valuable asset to any organization that shares my vision to transform the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service, innovation and excellence.

Describe the nursing knowledge

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