Describe Bachelor degree in health sciences

Describe Bachelor degree in health sciences.

You have been selected for an interview for the attached position with Health Quality Ontario. As part of the selection process, you must submit a short paper which addresses the following questions:
1. Based on the job description, which management theories appear to be the best match for this position and why?
2. Describe your personal management style and how it will assist you in your being successful in this position?
Paper Requirements:
The paper is not to exceed 800 words excluding title page and bibliography. The paper is to include at least three peer reviewed articles beyond the assigned course readings. APA format is required.
Please use Arial or Times Roman 12 font and 1.5 spaces.
While the questions above will guide your content, do not use a Q and A format. Essay style should be used.
Your paper should be spell checked and grammar checked before submission.
Marking Guide:
Papers will be marked as follows:
Content: 80%
a) Cohesion of argument
b) Use of literature and research to support your argument
c) Addresses the paper requirements
Style and Format: 20%
a) Use of APA format as required
b) Proper use of grammar and spelling
c) Ease of reading and understanding
Please refer to the course description for submission dates and late penalties, etc.

JOB POSTING Position Title:
Reports To:
Number of Positions:
Posting Period:
Competition Number: Manager IDEAS, Alumni Program (Improving and Driving Excellence Across Sectors) and Quality Improvement (QI) Learning
Strategic Partnerships
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) is the provincial advisor on the quality of health care in Ontario, evaluating the effectiveness of health care technologies and services, providing evidence-based recommendations, reporting to the public on the quality of the health system, and supporting the spread of quality improvement throughout the system.
The Manager IDEAS, Alumni Program and QI Learning works in collaboration with IDEAS partners, the Quality Improvement branch and system partners to build capacity and a culture within and across the system to successfully develop and apply QI skills to support health care and system improvement.
The nature and scope of quality efforts across Ontario requires a critical number of individuals across the province who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to lead and participate in quality improvement work. It also requires a culture that is characterized by a commitment to quality and collaboration. The Manager IDEAS, Alumni Program and QI Learning will play a key strategic role in helping to lead efforts to build this capacity and culture in collaboration with HQO colleagues and partners. In addition to playing a key leadership role in the ongoing evolvement and delivery of the IDEAS program and its alignment with provincial priorities, the Manager will lead the development of the Alumni strategy, working in partnership with the QI branch, Chief Clinical Quality, regional and system partners to create connections, supports and alignment that will advance a provincial culture of QI through a vibrant networked QI community of individuals across the province who are engaged in system improvements.
Delivered in partnership with the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences and the six medical schools, the IDEAS program is a critical component of this work and key element of the capacity building strategy. Currently in its fifth year, IDEAS consists of two accredited learning programs (a Foundations and an Advanced program), online resources (including ShareIDEAS, a resource of QI projects) and an alumni program. Through IDEAS, health care clinicians and administrators from all disciplines and sectors are equipped with the knowledge, practical tools and skills to confidently lead and implement quality improvement initiatives to improve patient outcomes.
As part of the vision of a vibrant “QI community” who are connected and engaged across the province, alignment between the IDEAS program, its graduates and other QI initiatives has begun and will continue to be an important focus going forward. Working with the Director Strategic Partnerships, VP Quality Improvement and other QI and HQO colleagues and partners, the Manager IDEAS, Alumni Program and QI Learning will provide leadership in continuing to evolve and deliver the IDEAS program to meet QI learning needs across the province and the realization of a vibrant, networked QI community that is connected, supported and engaged. This will include continued collaboration with the QI branch to build upon the linkages with the QI digital strategy (Quorum) and the IDEAS platforms, the IDEAS Alumni Program and QI regional program and creating linkages with other provincial QI initiatives
One of HQO’s organizational goals is to ‘work as one’. As a manager at HQO, you are important member of the General Leadership Team, and actively collaborate with colleagues across HQO. You also provide management support to your team of 4 experienced Quality Improvement advisors, fostering a positive work environment and ensuring that performance requirements are met and feedback is provided in a consistent way.
The Manager IDEAS, Alumni Program and QI Learning will be responsible for:
Leadership and Staff Management:
• Reporting to the Director Strategic Partnerships, acts as a role model providing team leadership and management support to 4 team members
• Manages an overall program of work, including leading the continued evolvement and delivery of the IDEAS program with partners to meet QI learning needs across the province and the realization of a vibrant, networked QI community that is connected, supported and engaged. This will include continued collaboration with the QI branch to build upon the linkages with the QI digital strategy (Quorum) and the IDEAS platforms, the IDEAS Alumni Program and QI regional program and creating linkages with other provincial QI initiatives
• Actively contributes as a member of the Strategic Partnerships and QI Management teams and supports the achievement of overall Partnerships and QI deliverables and, where required, cross HQO goals and objectives
• Supervises the day-to-day activities of staff, assigning and directing work, providing mentorship and advice and overseeing work produced by staff, resolving issues, ensuring ongoing work quality and monitoring workloads
• Manages staff through performance reviews, setting objectives and personal development plans, mentoring, providing practical support and advice on day-to-day work, creating a strong culture of team work, ensuring staff have access to appropriate training opportunities and undertaking disciplinary and grievance procedures as required
• Identifies staff performance issues/areas of concern, developing and recommending improvement plans and/or corrective courses of action
• Participates in appropriate training and development activities and encourages and supports the development and training of other staff
• Recruits and supervises program and project team members within an approved staffing structure to facilitate delivery of the program
• Supports operational and reporting activities including ensuring consistency and compliance with corporate human resource, procurement, financial and general administrative policies and approval processes
• Fosters and supports the development of an overall culture consistent with the values of HQO. Collaborates well with other managers and colleagues across HQO

Planning and Organization; Builds Capacity and Knowledge
• Contributes to business planning as an active participant in the program teams
• With the Director, and in consultation with other stakeholders, develops and implements the annual work plan, translating strategic program objectives into actionable projects
• Supports the Director in the planning, monitoring and allocating work for the unit to ensure delivery according to the agreed timetable, high standards and allocated budget
• Sets targets and monitors performance and quality assurance
• Ensures that the planning and co-ordination of resources and processes delivers on business plan commitments
• Implements measurement and evaluation tools, methods and processes for the unit’s activities
• Works closely with senior staff to inform future strategic direction

Relationship Management and Partnership
• Builds and maintains strong relationships with system partners to advance the development of a provincial QI community and culture e.g. IDEAS partners, sector partners such as community support and community mental health
• Applies knowledge of the roles, authority and priorities of the various external stakeholders in the health care system to manage operations and develop operational strategies/solutions in the context of the system as a whole

• Collaborates with internal and external project teams, partners, government, working groups, committees, and colleagues on projects and deliverables
• Ensures alignment of program activities with HQO’s mission, vision, values and strategic plan and the work of the other branches within HQO
• Develops collaborative working relationships with senior leaders, peers and employees across HQO to identify opportunities to share information, resolve issues and collaborate on projects and initiatives
• Develops effective working relationships with industry colleagues to remain current on industry best practices, emerging trends and/or shifts in regulatory requirements
• Implements policies and procedures, monitoring progress against the strategic plan and adjusting plans and strategies in line with a changing environment
• Contributes to leading Branch strategic, operational and business plans

• Employs written and oral communication skills in order to develop a range of materials including project status reports, executive correspondence, reports, presentations and a wide variety of other materials for third parties
• Ensures effective and timely communication with committees, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and other stakeholders
• Supports the Director in acting as a key contact point for the unit’s area of work, which often requires liaising and networking within HQO and with external partners
• Attends relevant meetings where the Manager will be required to carry out presentations and provide information to committees and/or stakeholders on current activities
• Works with the Communications team to develop and maintain a communication strategy for the work of the unit
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships and engagement with internal teams and external colleagues
• Represents the unit at conferences meetings and events and reports back to colleagues as appropriate
• Produces and presents evaluation and progress reports to the Senior Management Team and HQO’s Board, when required

• Manages and monitors budget and financial performance for the work of the team. Reports on variance from approved budget and recommends or takes action to manage expenditures within approved levels
• Supports the commissioning of external work and overseeing the management of contracts and working relationships as appropriate
• Supports the Director in strategic and budget planning

To be considered for this opportunity, you will have:
• Bachelor degree in health sciences or discipline, health education, quality improvement, system engineering, sciences, other related discipline o Master’s degree in a health discipline (e.g., health science, clinical discipline, health policy or health administration), or in a discipline relevant to quality improvement is preferred
o LEAN Black belt, IDEAS, IHI advisor certifications is preferred

• 7+ years of experience working in the health or public sector, with evidence of progression o 4+ years of experience as a manager in the health or policy field leading collaborative quality improvement initiatives and/or other significant change initiatives requiring cross team collaboration
o Experience with the use of digital solutions to foster connectivity, learning and engagement is preferred
o Familiarity with current provincial priorities for improving the quality and delivery of care and strong knowledge of the health system
o Working knowledge of adult education methods including technology to facilitate broader reach and distance education and familiarity with the academic community

o Experience designing and delivering programs to promote engagement, networking and knowledge exchange e.g. communities of practice, Alumni programs

Key Competencies:
Leadership and Staff Management
• Models leadership with excellent people management skills
• Establishes a high performing team
• Builds conditions to promote effective cross organizational and branch teamwork
• Cultivates learning and growth
• Strategic thinker

Planning and Organization
• Establishes program plans based on evidence that achieves high quality results on time
• Excellent judgment skills in setting priorities, identifying issues, problem solving
• Strong organizational skills, responsive and flexible as needed to achieve goals
• Promotes innovation and creativity

Relationship Management and Partnership
• Able to create effective collaborations and partnerships
• High degree of emotional intelligence
• Ability to respond to a wide variety of issues and deal with unclear situations and conflicting demands.
• Respectful of differing perspectives

• Communicates clear vision and expectations
• Prepares and delivers presentations to support program delivery
• Excellent written and oral communication skills

Financial Management
• Prepares and manages business planning and related documents e.g. budget

Technical Competencies
• Expertise with Adult education methods, QI science tools and resources, Alumni program strategies
• Background knowledge and understanding of Ontario’s health system and health issues
• Proficiency in MS Office Suite skills, in particular Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Visio, Project

Key Organizational Competencies:
• Think Strategically. Able to relate the theory and practice of strategies that support, implement and drive relevant HR principles and best/leading practices
• Develop People. Exhibits a commitment to developing others. Demonstrates outstanding team building to build a high functioning and high performing team
• Act as one organization. Works cooperatively in teams, harnessing the best out of team members, and resolving conflicts. Maintains a strong presence as a leader
• Nurture partnerships and relationships. Able to develop, cultivate and leverage positive working relationships and partnerships, both internally and externally. Values diversity and demonstrates respect for others
• Build credibility through commitment to ethical behaviour. Exercises sound judgement and is decisive, including confidential/sensitive situations where the use of discretion is required
• Being Agile by proactively shaping and thriving in complex and changing environment

Describe Bachelor degree in health sciences

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