demographic information the scheduling care system

demographic information the scheduling care system.

Identify an issue or problem that you have become aware of during your practice placement as a student district nurse and that either needs implementing or that needs to change. Using the research, literature and theory you should examining issues involved in implementing the change in the context of current district nursing practice. It is important to include information about your chosen leadership style, your application of change management strategies and the anticipated outcome

The issue or problem that the client has become aware of during my practice placement as a student District Nurse that needs to change is regarding patients on the caseload with key safes.
Currently we have patients that have key safes requiring key codes for the district nurses to enter these patient’s home and these key codes are just listed on a paper record which is kept in an office with the administrative clerk hence there is no indication on the care scheduling system where these key codes could be obtained by staff prior to patient’s visit nor is there a comment against the patients’ names that they possess a key safe so as to make the staff aware prior to visits.

The change the clients want to implement is adding all patients’ key codes to their respective core/demographic information the scheduling care system so that when staff print off the patients list that they are going to visit, there is a comment against those patients that they have a key safe which will prompt them to check on the system in the patient’s core/demographic for the key codes.

This change will easily enable staff visiting those patient with key safes to get the key codes from the system before leaving the office base hence putting a stop on phone calls that staff make to the admin staff asking for key codes.

demographic information the scheduling care system