decision making in healthcare organizations

decision making in healthcare organizations.

To Prepare:
–Review the information related to planning and decision making in healthcare organizations presented in the

textbook, Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing. Consider how planning and decision making relate

to an organizations mission, vision, and values as well as its culture and its climate.
–Familiarize yourself with the mission, vision, and values of your organization or one with which you are

familiar. Consider how these are supported, or demonstrated, through statements and actions of leaders and others

within the organization. In addition, note any apparent, discrepancies between word and deed. Think about how

this translates into expectations for direct service providers. Note any or artifacts that seem to indicate

whether behaviors with the organization are congruent with its mission, vision, and values.
–Begin to examine and reflect on the culture and climate of the organization. How do culture and climate differ?
–Why is it important for you, as a master’s prepared nurse leader, to be cognizant of these matters?

Please address the following in this DISCUSSION;
–A description of your selected organizations mission, vision, and values.
–Describe how these are evidenced or perhaps appear to be contradicted in the words and actions of leaders and

others in the organization, noting relevant data or artifacts.
–In addition, discuss the organizations culture and its climate, differentiating between the two.
–Explain why examining theses matters is significant to your role as a nurse leader.

I presently work at Sentara Healthcare Hospitals. Our MISSION statement–We improve health every day through

compassionate care, collaborative practice, and patient advocacy.

We believe: the foundation for our work is a culture of safety and accountability; our practice is grounded in

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring; our responsibility is to create a caring compassionate relationship with

our patients, families, colleagues, and self; as nurses we foster a culture in interdisciplinary inquiry and

collaborate with the healthcare team to use evidenced-based practice in providing care; nurses assess, manage,

coordinate and evaluate the care and education of the patient/family along the continuum of care
VISION: To create an environment of health and healing.

decision making in healthcare organizations

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