Consider your own nursing practice

Consider your own nursing practice.

Analysing clinical encounter based on person-centred care framework and reflecting on your own nursing practice (1400 words).
You have to answer all of the questions below and may put headings for each section.
Scholarly references: At least 15 scholarly references from 2014 to 2019.
The appropriate referencing style for this unit is APA Style

Clinical encounter:
You are a nursing student observed Benard who is a nurse caring for a patient suffering from a physical trauma wound on the gaiter area which is caused by a hit of a sharp metal pole. The wound has been treated at emergency room a week ago. The patient come back to the clinic for re-examination of the wound. This time, the wound has some infection signs with high exudate level and the patient feel pain around the wound. For some unknown reasons, Benard cleaned and used the same type of dressing for the patient which is just a low absorbent dressing. He also explained to patient that was normal stage of wound healing and no need to worry. Then he left the patient immediately with the reasons that there is another patient waiting for him.

According to the Person-centred care framework, pre-requisite of person-centred care process including:
• Professional Competent
• Developed interpersonal skills
• Commitment to the job
• Clarity of Belief and Values
• Knowing ‘self’

1. From this clinical encounter where you felt a pre-requisite may have been lacking,questionable, or could be improved. Identify which pre-requisite/s may have impacted/contributed to the patient outcome. Please list these below in dot points and explain shortly why you choose those pre-requisites , especially focusing on professional competent (100 words)

2. Choose the pre-requisite: professional competent as your focus and briefly relate this ‘professional competent’ to the literature regarding person-centred outcomes and why this pre-requisite is considered an important attribute for practitioners.

The priority pre-requisite: professional competent

Relate this ‘professional competent’ to the literature on person-centred practice and outcomes, highlighting its importance as an attribute for health professionals and how this should be demonstrated with reference to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (500 word). You need to provide at least 6 scholarly references in this section.

In this section, you have to demonstrate a high-level of application of person-centred care, that accurately and comprehensively explains the students’ understanding of the of the process and how this relates to the chosen prerequisite/standards for practice which is professional competent.

3. Discuss what risk/impact there was/could have been: The chosen pre-requisite was not being enacted to its full capacity during the situation/clinical encounter nominated. What risks/impact did this/could this have/had? How can it eventually be corrected? (250 words). You need to provide at least 3 scholarly references in this section

4. Consider your own nursing practice

Reflect on what you have learnt and what you will now do to ensure your future practice is able to consistently apply the pre requisite discussed which is ‘professional competent’ (550 words). You need to provide at least 6 scholarly references in this section

This element of the reflection should really harness your future practice. Reflection should be driving your
own practice development
In this section, you have to demonstrate an exceptional understanding of reflective practice to future nursing practice with clear details and relevant future nursing practice consideration has to be in the context of the pre-requisite discussed.

Consider your own nursing practice

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