Compare vulnerable populations.

Compare vulnerable populations..

Compare vulnerable populations. Describe an example of one of these groups in the United States or from another country. Explain why the population is designated as “vulnerable.” Include the number of individuals belonging to this group and the specific challenges or issues involved. Discuss why these populations are unable to advocate for themselves, the ethical issues that must be considered when working with these groups, and how nursing advocacy would be beneficial.

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Vulnerable populations are groups within your community that require special attention and resources that focus on their well being and safety. The members of a vulnerable group may not have the skills or resources to advocate for themselves. The social determinants of health you previously discussed most likely play a role in their need for advocacy and education. Discuss a vulnerable population your are familiar with, explain why they are considered to be a vulnerable group, why do they need someone to advocate for them and what type of cultural competence would be helpful when working with these groups.

It is not required, but you could discuss the vulnerable population you are assessing for your teaching plan proposal.

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Compare vulnerable populations.

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